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Many children and adults on the autism spectrum need help in learning how to act in different types of social situations. They often have the desire to interact with others, but may not know how to engage friends or may be overwhelmed by the idea of new experiences.

Behaviours that are considered to be inappropriate, concerning or threatening include: angry, aggressive communications (verbal or written) unwanted attention in context of social integration. 

In theory, social skills therapy will provide people on the autism spectrum with the ability to converse, share, play, and work with typical peers. In an ideal world, such therapy will allow people on the autism spectrum to become almost indistinguishable from their typical peers.

Social skills training is not a specific curriculum, but rather a collection of practices that use a behavioral approach for teaching preschool children age-appropriate social skills and competencies, including communication, problem solving, decision making, self-management, and peer relations.
Parents can help to improve social skills in autistic children in different ways:
Reinforce positive social behaviors and celebrate small strengths as big achievements 

Model and practice desired socially appropriate behaviors.

Provide structured social interactions and practice in generalization 

Use play based learning to teach social integration 

Use visual Strategies to help augment social skills therapy.

Set the environment for success and take your team and concerned persons on board.

Some examples of social skills are:

Eye contact with others during conversation.

Smiling when greeting people.

Shaking hands when meeting someone.

Perceiving how others are feeling and showing empathy.

Using the right tone and volume of voice.

Expressing self point of views

Self awareness 

Self confidence 

And practice everyday .

Building up social skills with practice can help enhance participation in the community and support outcomes like happiness and friendships. 

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