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Many individuals with autism spectrum disorders (ASDs) are approaching adolescence and young adulthood; interventions to assist these individuals with vocational skills are not well understood. When and how to introduce vocational skills in these children is very important Tips to remember!!! Preparation for Life, not just Work Involves educators and family Begins at an early age Focuses on the student’s interests Goals Goals Being happy and productive Goals! Determine strengths and preferences; sample variety of work skills Goal. Functional academic skill acquisition in classroom Goals: Acquisition of academic skills needed for independent living Plan School vocational and volunteer opportunities 2-4 hrs./week May include paid and unpaid work experiences What Skills are needed for success Job Skills . Plan Age appropriate skills • Learn job to criterion • Workplace social skills • Communication • Performance • Safety • Hygiene • Etiquette Natural Supports will enhance the skills like !!! Personal associations and relationships typically developed in the community that enhance the quality and security of life for people

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