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Intensive Hands on Training 

Having well-trained staff is key to ensuring good quality autism services, especially since people affected with autism generally tend to have higher support needs than other populations in terms of daily living, as well as their mental and physical health. Poorly-trained staff can have detrimental effects on service provision and staff morale and can lead to staff burn-out, as well as increased service user anxiety and stress.We offer trainings and certificate courses that range from free introductory programs to professional development workshops to empower autism community with knowledge and understanding. 

Providing training and workshops enables professionals to carry out our mission. They are based on innovative and emerging theories, interventions, and approaches, and provide parents and professionals the opportunity to gain knowledge that helps them better support the children they parent, care for, or work with and the community surrounding those children.
We offer a range of training opportunities, educational events, and workshops  for professionals.

that help professionals to become aware of their behavioral patterns, so they can teach students how to learn and listen to their internal guidance system.
This series is designed for professionals, teacher assistants, child care providers, and related school/ center/program-based staff who work to support children and lead teachers across the day.

Trainings Are Available 

We do train parents, professionals, doctors, educators, special need assistants, health care providers, SLPs and siblings. We help them get educated, trained and empowered with knowledge, competence and confidence. We arrange one-to-one and group sessions for consultation and counselling. We conduct multiple hands on trainings, workshops, lectures, seminars both at national and international level to help boost community awareness at mass levels. We do not only train the individuals but honored to train at the institutional levels.

Join Our Certificate Programs 

By the grace of God, we are successfully conducting short certificate courses in the different areas of  related fields and we are in a process of introducing diploma and degree programs to help build on confidence level and experience in our trainees

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