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We have 1000+ products which includes different types of flashcards, cards, toys , objects, materials , books etc. Our library includes all items of the following categories such as Sensory materials, ABA material, Gross motor (Occupational Therapy material), Speech Therapy material, Diagnostic material, Academic material, functional living skill materials, functional kitchen skills materials, vocational and outdoor materials. We have a bunch of items  available for autistic children available.


In order to enroll in our library you need:

  • A library card

  • Pay Registration (Non Refundable) of Rs 2000

  • Pay Security (Refundable) of Rs 5000

  • 4 items/objects can be borrowed for at least 2 weeks

  • Most of the available items are available and can be borrowed through the library in person. 

  • No damage should be done to any of the library item. In case of damage the client will be charged from their security item registration.

  • The items/objects should be returned back to the place within the due date assigned. 

  • If the due date has passed the client will be charged Rs 50 per day as a late fine. 

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