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Trainings & Workshops

Trainings Are Available 

We do train parents, professionals, doctors, educators, special need assistants, health care providers, SLPs and siblings. We help them get educated, trained and empowered with knowledge, competence and confidence. We arrange one-to-one and group sessions for consultation and counselling. We conduct multiple hands on trainings, workshops, lectures, seminars both at national and international level to help boost community awareness at mass levels. We do not only train the individuals but honored to train at the institutional levels.

Join Our Certificate Programs 

By the grace of God, we are successfully conducting short certificate courses in the different areas of  related fields and we are in a process of introducing diploma and degree programs to help build on confidence level and experience in our trainees

We Offer Internship Programs :

We are offering certificate internship programs for the related professionals both at individual and institutional level. Interns will not only get exposure to expertise in all areas including diagnostics and therapeutics but will get great opportunities to learn from their unique teaching rosters and trips, clinical trainings and case discussions that will help build on their confidence level and practical aspects of learning. We understand your journey and are here for you as an  individual and a collective.

Internship Program Outcomes:

A great bunch of multiple learning outcomes will be availed by the our new emerging field members. In the internship programs we help our trainees learn and experience in different areas of the related field like 

Montessori Classroom Teaching Skills, Individualized Educational Plan Development, Sensory Stimulatory, Therapy Trainings, Group Therapy, Cognitive Behavior Therapy Implications, Vocational Skills Trainings, Case Discussions, Report Writing, APA VI Formatting, Psychometrics, Diagnostics, Exposure to DSM - 5 Criteria's of Diagnosis, Self Evaluations, Pre and Post Assessments of the Trainees, Case Presentations, Trips to Organizations Dealing with Child Interventions, Seminars from the expert and renowned  members.

Internship Program Of KCLCD:

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